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Fulfill the upcoming EU-regulations for fashion brands

The CSRD guideline requires circularity reporting and the development of circular products. Our solution makes it easy. 

Does it apply to my company, what needs to be reported?

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How it works

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The Time is Now

Fashion brands have to start measuring the circularity of their products today.

The circularity of a product is becoming a core parameter for its profitability: 

  • Companies need to report the circularity of their products (CSRD Guideline in combination with ESRS E5) 

  • Extended Product Liability (EPR) will use circularity as a criterion: Circular products will be preferred, non-circular ones penalized. 

Those who wait lose: 


The possibility to apply for ERP Eco-modulation bonuses starts in France mid 2023. Netherlands and other EU-countries will follow.


The reporting obligation and will have an impact on many fashion brands from: 


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Why brands need to measure Circularity?

We have compiled answers to the most important questions. 

  • What is the legal basis for the reporting obligation of Circularity figures?

  • To which companies does the obligation apply? When does it apply?

  • Does the reporting have to be done at company or product level?

  • What is EPR (Extended Product Responsibility) and where does it already apply? Will there be a reimbursement of fees for circular products? 

  • What should I do as a fashion producer and importer NOW?

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