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Become circular today to be ready for tomorrow

We measure your circularity, tell you where you are today, which steps to take tomorrow and help you establish the right partnerships to become a circularity pioneer.

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20% of all industrial water pollution is attributed to textile dyeing treatment

118 billion cubic tons of water (+50%) will be consumed by 2030

Step into a more sustainable future with Circulix

Simplify circular economy

Work with circular principles without being the expert in the field.

Reduce risk & costs

Identify risk & cost levers along your value chain and optimize them.

Become a CE leader

Increase stakeholder awareness & attraction by pioneering your industry.

Grow your network

Realize innovative projects to implement the valuable change.


Our solution is your transformation in only four steps

1. Circularity assessment

We calculate a circularity score based on a set of qualitative & quantitative circular performance criteria and identify the biggest impact areas.

2. Improvement strategies

We suggest over 90 concrete strategies to improve the performance based on the biggest impact areas and the primary company goals (reduce CO2, improve ESG, align with the taxonomy).

3. Providing proof

We provide official reports aligned with sustainability protocols such as GRI, so companies can communicate their actions and long term strategies.

4. Building network

We match and connect suitable implementation partners to realize projects and to leverage company resources as much as possible.


Time to start is always now


Integrate Circulix before, during or after your product development process

Start thinking circular. Moving towards a circular economy is essential to thrive as a business in the future. With Circulix, you will discover that circularity is not a limitation but a driver for innovation and a lasting impact. Share the product data with us for assessment and we will guide you on the way to a more cicular version of your product, either before it goes into production or for the next relaunch.

We see Circular Economy as a powerful tool for companies to conquer future supply chain risks. Circulix helps companies to implement the change.

Martin Sondenheimer

Global Head of New Business Incubation, Munich Re


How to work with us


Let us assess your product

Get your first circularity product score with us. Schedule a consultation and we introduce you to our Circulix framework and assess your first product for free.


Join our founding team

If you are a purpose-driven person who loves to deal with the big challenges of our economy, feel free to approach us to join and grow the founding team.


Become part of our network

We aim to build the biggest Circular Economy network in Europe and you can be part of it. Become our partner and offer your solution to our customers.



Thank you for being curious about how we want to drive the change towards a more circular economy. Please feel free to contact us with any kind of remarks or questions.

Our team will contact you soon.

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